Karen Krossing writes novels and short stories for kids and teens, including Bog, Cut the Lights, The Yo-Yo Prophet, Pure, Take the Stairs, The Castle Key, "Profanity," and "Dragon's Breath." Her YA novel, Punch Like a Girl, will be published by Orca Books in Spring 2015.

Karen nurtures new writers through writing workshops for kids, teens, and adults. She also offers readings, where she talks about her work and the writing process.

As a freelance copywriter and editor, Karen writes and edits for business and educational clients.

Karen’s Latest

Bog cover (web)In Bog, a cave troll with a grudge against humans embarks on a quest into human territory after his father is turned into stone. Published by Fitzhenry & Whiteside in Spring 2014. Listen to an excerpt from the novel here. Watch the book trailer here.

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